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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Keith Nunes (Aotearoa New Zealand) has had poetry, fiction, haiku and visuals published around the globe. He creates ethereal manifestations as a way of communicating with the outside world.

Keith Nunes

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Rive gauche

After you left me I sat in my car for 10 years,
Roads lead to roads, left bank/right bank, but that
Singular ornate bridge back to you was impassable,

I'm no wise head but after I stopped drinking
I felt it all, everything,
The whole spectrum of neurophysiological changes,
I soothed myself by thinking that connecting with you again would feel
like being jackhammered!

Split & splintered
I can re-form as almost anything fictional,
A fluid dolphin, a flightless bird up a tall tree,
I could serve tea & scones in a bow tie,
Build a fortress on a rock in the Adriatic,
Be the good guy
just at the end