shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ian Mullins ships out from Liverpool, England. Laughter In The Shape Of A Guitar (UB) struck few chords in 2015. Almost Human (Original Plus) was let loose in 2017. Masks and Shadows (Wordcatcher) took off in 2019. Take A Deep Breath (Dempsey & Windle) followed in 2020

Ian Mullins

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Knights Of The Road

the belching heat of the bus's
pneumatic door

is no different from the ones
that open every day to people
like us, nondescript nobodies
who leave nothing but names
scratched on stone,

but without whom the presses
would not press and the wheels
would not turn

to take us back to modest little beaches
only a stone's throw away;
where for a few heatwave hours
we will live like lords and ladies

who need no kings to knight them