shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ian Mullins ships out from Liverpool, England. Laughter In The Shape Of A Guitar (UB) struck few chords in 2015. Almost Human (Original Plus) was let loose in 2017. Masks and Shadows (Wordcatcher) took off in 2019. Take A Deep Breath (Dempsey & Windle) followed in 2020

Ian Mullins

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Habitual Offender

(From The Foghorn, by Ray Bradbury)

the hardest habit to break
is screaming, shouting, accusing
and terrifying, all the noises
that blare through your head
like a day of fog heavier
than a winter blanket,
foghorn calling night and day:

not caring
if somewhere on the far side
of the world a monster
is awakening, a child is stirring;

then taking to the waves
to meet you halfway