shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mircea Boboc is a Romanian poet and novelist, graphic artist and ambient music composer. He has published a chapbook of poems entitled "The Semi-Lyrical Jukebox of Eccentric Poems" and a fantasy novel called "Elemental". He is also the author of the Graphic Exhibition "Shadowed by Mountains".

Mircea Boboc

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Waiting for Something
to Happen

You know you have chosen the right path,
but you're pursuing it too slowly. In fact,
deep inside a sense of order keeps a close look-out for you.
Even so, you wish for something happening out of the blue.

May it be a cannonball, it is welcome as long as
it infuses you with action when you're lacking your pizzazz.

Maybe you've become addicted to this noise, to be disturbed.
So what that your destiny has a line that is too curved?
Nothing happens, nonetheless, nothing that is worth observing.
Then you realize so sadly silence has become unnerving.