shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Evalyn Lee is a former CBS News producer currently living in London with her husband and two children. Over the years, she has produced television segments for 60 Minutes in New York and then for the BBC in London. Her broadcast work has received an Emmy and numerous Writers Guild awards and is currently at work on her first collection of poetry.

Evalyn Lee

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The Next Generation of Stars

I only stand here because of you.
My life's a stellar wind, good to go.

The truth hurts: Our life's a stellar wind.
They thought they knew, but they didn't.

I thought I knew, but then I didn't.
We travel in the dark to see the stars.

I see darkness travel in the stars.
I don't pretend to know know what's going on.

Will faith usurp an unlevel path?
Just because we think we know what happened

Doesn't mean we know what the hell happened.
Denial of body, denial of self,

denial of soul: catastrophe.
I only stand here because of you