shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Carolyn Gerrish is a Sydney poet. She has published five collections of poetry. The last being 'The View From the Moon' (Island Press, 2011). She teaches creative writing classes in the community and often performs her work.

Carolyn Gerrish

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In Transit

travelling towards the nightwhere
silhouettes rule & everything becomes
indeterminately clearit's footy practice
on the green green grass of the ovalin
the splendor of enhanced light& never
let the stop sign slow you downbecause
graffiti never sleepsbut the blue painted
face on the overpasshas suffered a king hit
&remember that meditation is delicious
but it won't wash the dishes
(nor pay the
rent)for the time of the tyrant is now
(so it's Fahrenheit 451 for copies of 1984)
now that we've all become economic units
undeserving of respect