shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Editor's Note

I have enjoyed being the guest editor for this issue of the Shot Glass Journal. During my time on the executive committee of the New Zealand Poetry Society I attended over 20 poetry readings each year, and almost all of these included an open mic session where experienced and first time readers would share their poetry. As I read through the many submissions for issue #20, I felt like I was hearing the poets' voices, as though I was at an extended open mic. Everyone stood in front of me and read their poems.

Open mic exemplifies all that is great about poetry. The willingness of a poet to share their words, thoughts, and in some cases, baring their souls, and an audience appreciating and applauding their work. As editor, I was that appreciative audience for all the readers who submitted their poems.

Now I present to you a selection from that grand open mic. So sit back, read, and listen to the many and varied voices of the poets that appear in Shot Glass Journal Issue #20.

– Lonnard Dean Watkins

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