Issue # 9 April 2011
Editor's Note

Welcome to Issue #9 of the Fib Review. We are very excited about the journal's new design. Over the past few issues experiments with the Fibonacci form pushed the limits and space of the journal's design and layout. The design wasn't doing justice to the extraordinary work of our poets.

Special thanks to our incredible webmaster, Lonnard Dean Watkins, who worked diligently with me to design a fresh look and feel to the journal, as well as to provide more space for the poems themselves.

The new Flash numbers in the header bring additional life to the page as well as a reminder to the reader that this is in fact a journal of Fibonacci poetry.

Issue #9 is filled with incredible Fibonacci poems from both seasoned poets as well as first time "Fibbers." This new design simply offers a fresh canvas on which the words of each poem can come alive.

Once you've read the current issue, you can visit the new Writer's Archive which links the almost 70 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published. Find a poet you'd like to read, click on the issue numbers by their name, and you'll be redirected to the archived issues where you can read more poems by that poet.

Will this be the last design of The Fib Review? Probably not. But we are hoping this new format will be a more pleasurable experience for both the reader and the poet. We hope you enjoy it!

Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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