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Welcome to the Bent Ear Review, an on-line journal specializing in the genre of Spoken Word Poetry. This is not just a journal of Slam Poetry, although several of the featured poets compete in Slam competitions. Bent Ear Review is about giving a voice to poets, enabling them to express their work with their own emotions and passion in the form of the spoken word.

Bent Ear features international poets performing their poems in the way they would like you to experience them.

We are continually adding more poets to Bent Ear Review so keep checking back for new posts.

Kerouac Effect

We are also proud to publish performaces from the 2013 Kerouac Effect which paired Spoken Word Poets and musicians.

Spoken Word

Spoken Word poetry is created to be performed rather than to be read from a book. There is no particular style that typifies Spoken Word but the poems are usually rich with emotion and call from the poet's personal experiences or view of current events. The topics are varied and often contain confessional, political, topical and emotional subjects. Spoken Word poetry could best be described as "poetry from within" and consequently the poet very much becomes the living embodiment of their poem.

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