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His haiku has appeared in journals including Heron's Nest and Acorn, and his poetry has been published in numerous international journals and anthologies. In 2010 Lonnard became involved in Spoken Word and helped launch Poetry in Motion, a spoken word group in Wellington, New Zealand and in 2012 I was a finalist in the New Zealand Poetry Slam Championships.

In 2014, Lonnard was elected President of the New Zealand Poetry Society.

About Us

Muse-Pie Press has been known for the publication of award-winning poetry and poets and has developed a reputation for being open to all styles and genres of the poetic voice, including haiku, experimental work, and confessionalist, narrative, academic, philosophical, formalist, or other contemporary styles and genres. With the rise of Spoken Word poetry around the world, Muse-Pie Press has recognized the importance of this movement with its inclusive nature to all areas of society.

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