shot glass
Issue # 7 May 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anthony Ward has been writing in his spare time for a number of years. He has been published in a number of literary magazines including Enhance, Word Gumbo, Drunk Monkeys, Speech Therapy, Thousand shades of Grey, Ginger Piglet, Shot Glass Journal, Torrid Literature Journal and The Rusty Nail, amongst others.

Anthony Ward

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Fade In.
The sable picture evaporating into
A panoramic pastoral view
The flickering light travelling eternity
Like a chronic movie of our histories
In presentation of the past
Played infinitely throughout time.

With faces from the old world
Resurrected upon the screen,
Suspended in animation as ghosts
Manifest before our very eyes
Drawn by those staring back
As if affronted by observation.