shot glass
Issue # 5 September 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


After a career making Arts Programmes as a producer/director and executive producer for British, American, Japanese and European broadcasters, Colin Bell (aka wolfiewolfgang), gave up television to concentrate on writing. He has published three children's stories (Novello's), film reviews (Mansized, the biggest men's health online website) and poetry in the UK and the USA in The Blotter, Every Day Poets, Shot Glass Journal, Inspired Words and the Fib Review. His short stories have been published by Ether Books and performed by White Rabbit Theatre in London and he is a Writers' Village Best Writers' Award winner. His novel, Stephen Dearsley's Summer of Love (Ward Wood Publishing), will be published in 2012. He lives in Lewes, East Sussex, England and also writes a daily blog and other reviews as wolfiewolfgang on his website

Colin Bell

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The First Glimpse

It was a sad thing and a good thing:
a sigh of relief, a long awaited smile.
It was a deep, cold disappointment,
a look to the future with a final tear,
a sharp pain turning to ache,
a spirit released from descending gloom,
a challenge, a chance and a fading away,
a twist in the gut on Armistice Day.
It was just the first glimpse
but we were strangers again.