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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Talicha J.

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A Brief History of My Mouth

After Dorianne Laux

which is a tricky thing to explain. to tell its story is to open wide enough to reveal the back of my throat and all the swallowed moments hiding behind its slick wrecking ball. is to peel back the swollen gums of which the Dentists are so eager to slice into-to uproot the depression of 1999 with ease. unruly cuss words have scraped against the ridges of the roof of my mouth for decades, look close and you will see what I really think of you. this damp entryway, hectic vent, ungovernable aperture hinges open and a room full of stranger's ears perk, hang on every syllable, gasp and clap, as I step off the stage into the liminal space between screaming and being judged. I smirk.