shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I am a reactionary writer who is fascinated by the everyday mystic. I completed my Honours degree in English at Victoria University of Wellington in June last year. I grew up with a black cat called Maya, and we read Meg and Mog books together, convincing me I was a witch.

Meg Doughty

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Half Dark

I love living in the half dark
where you don't know what you see
You don't have a shadow but everyone else does
like that person in the corner of the room
who seems to move just as you do
You know you don't really see them
if you see anything at all

but your body keeps moving
from what it knows and remembers
of the space you occupy
Your fingers become seeing organs too
so do your feet
finding the textures you know around you
Your anonymity in dim light
The delight in the miracle
of getting to your bed without stubbing your toes