shot glass
Issue # 3 January 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Primarily a humorous poet, Peter Goulding rails at the world from the comfort of his suburban home in Dublin, Ireland. Selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions series in 2010, he has somehow managed to convince editors in four continents to publish his more serious poetry, usually by promising to go away if they do. He works in a warehouse and wishes he didn't.

Peter Goulding

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The howling

Today the wind died down
and the cicadas chorused again
their exultation of tropical calm.
The hint of a smile on your frown-chapped face,
you brushed your tangled hair in the mirror,
remarking lightly how this time
it might stay till you reached the pool.
I smiled a thin, weather-beaten smile,
choosing not to forget the howls and moans
that had assailed my ears over the past four days.