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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Bobbie Sparrow is a poetry writing Psychotherapist. Her poems have been published in both national and international journals including
Orbis, Crannog and
Skylight 47. Her work has been translated into Italian for Inkroci magazine. Bobbie was the Featured reader at the Over The Edge open Mic August 2017 and at the Far From event in Cuírt festival of literature 2018. She is a founding member of Poet's Abroad, an international online collaborative poetry group. Their recent chapbook, something we were supposed to do, shortlisted in the Locked Horns inaugural chapbook competition. Bobbie was awarded 3rd prize for her Chapbook in the Blue Nib Chap book competition 2018.

Bobbie Sparrow

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Mother song

After Thom Gunn

From the swollen ship of all of me
you roar at my reality.

How can I be who I once was
tides tossed me on this foreign shore.

Now the dream of you is over
I must make the great surrender.

See deep into the threaded earth
see every mother giving birth.

There is no you but only us
my milk the sun to your new self.

I feed you small and timely bites
release your joy and hold your fight.

My love is nothing more than air
your life a leaving I must bear.