shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


F.H. Lee writes from Oxford County, Ontario, Canada. She embraces the natural world like kin, and has had success with writing contests, published (online and print format) poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction, dating back thirty odd years. Three sons have taken flight, one daughter with special needs remains to help rule the roost. Writing releases the valve, and brings immeasurable satisfaction... "you need to express what it means to be alive" to fully serve humanity with dignity and endurance.

F.H. Lee

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Balcony Seat

brick by brick
she built a life for them
to withstand storms from all directions
not bothering with straw or sticks
never craving that intermittent
green light on someone else's dock

a view from the balcony
offered perspective
distance, not indifference
invisible to a front row seat
far enough back to admire
each beam of light
each whimsical prop
each gesture of comedy
and tragedy dared defy her yearning
to take in the hypnotic fire, not the ash