shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Alan Britt

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Semantic Emotion . . . Rhetorical Quicksand

The problem with sentimentality is that it pigeonholes, thereby
stifles lucidity to emerge from the fiasco, that is if lucidity is
within a lightyear of the fiasco—(I doubt between you and me,
not you and I, despite the red, white and blue ribbon flapping
my worsted wool chest); it's just that sentimentality begets
intolerance (how ironic), and from there who knows where?

So, don the mask of sentimentality sparingly and only when,
absolutely or adverbially, as they say, like when you're trolling
a corporate barbeque donning a pair of intolerable Tommy
Bahamas and positively sinking below rhetorical quicksand.