shot glass
nz shot glass
Issue # 2 September 2010
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Rich Boucher

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See Fig. 7A-1, Full Color

Notice how in Fig. 7A-1, I am depicted
in cheap sandals, fuchsia Hawaiian shirt
and tan cargo shorts, incredulous,
with my eyes cue-balling in disbelief
in a museum somewhere in Locustville,
staring at a recently-unearthed Bronze Age statue,
a cotton candy machine dating from 7000 B.C,
big enough for two lovers to bathe in;
notice the other tourists noticing me
with obvious irritation and distaste;
notice as much as you can about this image:
the blue raspberry stains inside the bowl,
the security guy six feet behind me, noticing.