shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I can not boast of accolades or reasons why I should be known. But if my words were footprints in the sand of an empty beach, then perhaps the testimony of their true impact on our world would be; how well those simple impressions merge with life, nature and the hearts of those who followed. We still have empty beaches in New Zealand. As a writer/poet they provide great space in which to be positively inspired by beauty, wonderment and ever present anticipation of finding an unknown footprint fused in sands of time yet crying out, "I just want to do what I want to do... Don't you?"

I feel both proud and humble to have been given the opportunity to share the pages of Muse-Pie Press with so many talented local and international poets. My previously published works can be read at after the site is launched on November 14th 2015.

Rob Welsh (Pearldiver)

Rob Welsh

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Kind Freedom

His entire world
measures less than two metres square
But still; he can hear the rain on the roof
and in his home, feel the wind of every day
race callously through his receding hair
He can enjoy the pleasure of digging the snow
away from his entranceway, always knowing;
that the concrete floor beneath him is secure

Who would have known?
Gone the bright memories once dwelling in his eyes
Days of chasing water foul, galloping through open fields
knowing every scent, every tree, love of every kindness shown
"But still," he reflects each day,
"My teeth are stronger than this chain!"
Did you know it was announced today
that prisoners will have internet access...