shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Editor's Note

As I read through the poems of Shot Glass Journal Issue #15, I reflect on our original idea to publish short poetry. The concept was met with applause and criticism - "how many lines equals 'short'?", "form poetry?", "an online journal?" At first we weren't sure if we'd even receive enough submissions, but 15 journals later we are still overwhelmed with the volume and quality of poets who want to express themselves in the least amount of words possible.

We made the decision to limit the number of poets we publish each issue, which makes the decision on who to publish that much more difficult when there are so many good submissions. Issue #15 continues to be a diverse issue with international poets from Australia, Canada, Ghana, India, Nigeria, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Saipan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the UK and US poets from fifteen states, and includes poetry translations.

Issue #15 includes free verse, formal verse and prose poems as well as two new forms for the Glossary - the Cleave poem and the Puente. The level of experienced poets in this issue ranges from the simplicity of a 13-year old poet to the voices of well-published poets.

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We hope you enjoy this current Issue #15 of Shot Glass Journal.

– Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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