shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I'm an amateur poet hailing from Johannesburg's West Rand. I have always had a deep appreciation and love for poetry and prose. I was fortunate in being published in a national magazine for Grade 12 learners in 1999. Life has always been my inspiration for writing. I can be reached at

Ryno van der Merwe

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Magic is incandescent milk
Would you hear this?
As immediately you think of full glasses or cereal bowls
Unaware that this becomes the experience of
Taking a thought outside of anything you might have seen
More simply like milk taken out
Till the moon becomes trapped in its velvet surface
Lights it up; haunts it
So that silver's not so much a colour as a feeling
That sometimes magic is like milk in the dark

You learn
All things hold light, even the darkness
Which could not be, without it