shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Laurice Gilbert is the President of the New Zealand Poetry Society, as a result of randomly making eye contact with someone important at an Annual General Meeting in 2007. She launched her first collection, My Family & Other Strangers, in December 2012 and has since won Second Prize in the 2013 Caselberg International Poetry Competition. Her current project is a collaborative chapbook with Portuguese poet Hugo Kauri Justo.

Laurice Gilbert

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Peak Hour Traffic

in the kitchen / the bedroom / the back seat of the car
round the back of the bike sheds
with consent / without intent / minus the blessing of church or state
before formal nuptials / after petition for divorce
even (OMG) within the bounds of happy successful partnership
some time / some where / some how
two bodies - willing or otherwise - did the deed
in the dark / in the light
and the unlikely consequence of egg vs sperm
is fighting its way along the fallopian tube
of Queen St / Lambton Quay / Colombo St / George St
in search of a new womb
home / the gym / a bar / a restaurant / AA / night shift
or driven to return to the original sin