Issue #4  

Mary-Jane Grandinetti, Editor, the Fib Review

Mary-Jane Grandinetti lives in New Jersey. She works in the computer industry as a computer software consultant. She has had poetry published in various journals including Lunch, Passaic Review, HIGH/COO, Muse-Pie, the fib review, Unicorn, and more recently in an anthology of Fibonacci poetry online. Muse-Pie Press recently published her collection of Fibonacci poems, Chocolate Sauce, which is available for sale on the Muse-Pie Press Publication site.

In addition to her poetry, she has been involved in directing regional and Community Theater in New Jersey and Off-Off Broadway. Her monologue “Holding My Breath” was included in a recent production of In the Pink, a compilation of monologues relating to women’s issues, performed in the virtual reality environment “Second Life” and Off-Off Broadway in New York City.

Grandinetti is a poet who has a special interest in short forms of poetry and their influence on the poetic voice. She has done extensive research on the mathematical Fibonacci sequence as an influence on literature. She runs workshops on the various forms of short poetry online.

She has recently joined the staff of Muse-Pie Press as editor of The Fib Review.