Editor's Note

Fourteen years ago the Fib Review surfaced as an early adopter of the online journal. At the time. e-zines and digital journals were not as popular as they are today. In 2006 the Fib Review became Muse-Pie Press's first digital journal. The first poems were experimental poetry, since they were based on the Fibonacci number sequence – an unusual and unique poetry form made popular by Gregory K. Pincus.

Here we are, all these years later, with the Fib Review Issue #35. Fibonacci poetry has become a more established poetry form, and experiments continue with how far the poet can take this restrictive form. This issue features international poets that include several return poets, and some poets, who a few years ago had never even heard of the form.

A special thanks to our webmaster, Lonnard Dean Watkins, the special formatting needed for these "experimental" Fibs. He always makes us look great.

Please be sure to visit our Fib Review's Writer's Archive or in our Issues Archives to read poems from past poets and issues.

Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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