Editor's Note

The Fib Review Issue #32 represents a collection of sensitive, profound and experimental Fibonacci poems from a selective group of poets who have truly embraced the Fibonacci form.

Fibonacci, or any form poetry, doesn't start with a form. It isn't a poem chopped up into syllables or words to equal a number sequence. A Fib merges words and form so neither are discernable. When a Fib is read, the pattern of lines down the page does not distract from the rhythm of reading. When a Fib is read out loud, it's not apparent that the poem is a specific form. It's poetry.

Why write poetry in a format? Since the beginning of the written word, forms have been created to capture rhythm, rhyme or a visual perspective. The Fibonacci form just continues in that tradition, and the poets in this issue make it all look so easy.

A huge thank you to our webmaster, Lonnard Dean Watkins. As our poets get more creative in their poetry, his job gets just a bit more challenging. We're so glad he makes us all look so good.

Please be sure to visit our Fib Review's Writer's Archive or in our Issues Archives to read poems from past poets and issues.

Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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