Editor's Note

The Fib Review started as an online journal of Fibonacci poetry in 2006, influenced by Greg Pincus and his Gottabook blog which introduced the Fib. When we researched further, we found that the Fibonacci form was being introduced to students as both a math and poetry exercise. Since that time the Fib has not only grown in popularity but in the breadth of what a poet can express in the limited formatting that the form presents.

So it's not surprising that in this Issue #22 we find ourselves with a return to the Fib as a writing exercise, where a teacher from an Oklahoma high school presented the Fib to her students as an assignment. The results were surprising. Young students with limited life experiences used a limiting poetry form to reach into the depths of emotion to produce some moving poems. Their work with the Fibonacci form illustrates the power and the enduring quality of this fascinating form of poetry. We hope you enjoy The Fib Review Issue #22.

As always, our thanks to our webmaster Lonnard Dean Watkins, who always makes us look good.

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Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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