Editor's Note

The Fall Issue of Fib Review Issue #19 marks the eighth year of this unique publication. We are still amazed at how this phenomenon of writing poetry to the Fibonacci number sequence has caught on and stayed popular over the years.

This issue features traditional syllable count and word count Fibs as well as Fib sequences, found Fibs and an experimental Fib format that sets the Fibonacci poem on edge. The emotional highs and lows of the poems touch on deep sentiments that cause the reader to reflect on their own personal experiences.

Issue #19 features an international blend of poets, several new to The Fib Review and several who have been published in Shot Glass Journal, Muse-Pie Press's online journal of short poetry.

Thanks to Lonnard Dean Watkins, our webmaster, who always makes us look good.

Be sure to visit the Fib Review's Writer's Archive which links the 150 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published.

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Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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