Editor's Note

The Fib Review Issue #17 is one of the most experimental issues we've published. This issue emphasizes the creativity of poets who expose the reader to a circuitous path of sound and rhythm; to a visual serpentine array that appears texture-like. There is also the Fib that starts like a hokku, gently easing the reader into to the rest of the poem, as well as a letter-count Fib with its unembellished simplicity. The Fibs are fresh and vibrant, with subject matters touching various aspects of the human spirit.

Issue #17 features an international blend of poets, several recently published in Shot Glass Journal and several new to The Fib Review.

Thank you to our webmaster Lonnard Dean Watkins for taking on the difficult challenge of some of the Fibs in this issue and making each page look great.

Be sure to visit the Fib Review's Writer's Archive which links the over 100 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published.

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Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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