A plane
A parallel line
Attract and repel each other
The definition of Limit makes us close infinitely
Never touching each other turns out to blame the definition of limit, eventually

We’re from the same kindergarten to the same graduate school, with Euclid’s marvellous Elements, space-time is a closed
surface without end

Triangles are seemingly simple but endlessly varied to form an endless fantasy, as Gravity Center, Circumcenter, Orthocenter,
Incenter, Ehscenter are well-known “Five triangle,” accompanied by Symmedian Point as a whisky-tea blend, a principle-greed blend

You walk past me and run past me, but you pretend not to know me and I pretend not to know you; we never become friends because you are the Sequence of Number moving forward, moving ever forward, while I am the Limit keeping still, keeping still forever; what are you thinking, dear Fibonacci sequence?