shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Tyson West

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Greenville High Class of 67 Fiftieth Reunion

Long before we were blessed with the pulpy haze of Fox News
We had Presbyterian pulpits
In our pale home town to caution the evils
Of alcohol and dark-skinned philistines
We never smelled but held certain they
Hid in the same shadows with queers
Lusting to cross the tracks by the Shenango River
Onto our smooth cool, weed free golf course and lawns
To smash the wavy glass of our windows
And grab the presents under our Christmas trees
Their drug stained fingers flashing gang signs
To make baby Jesus cry.
Old Glory flew high and proud just as we got liquored up to leave
For Saigon to make our truth flesh
And score our next touchdown –
Truth it seems never changes.