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Bent Ear

Muse-Pie Press announces the new online journal for Spoken Word Poetry -
Bent Ear Review

New Publication

"Take" is a new publication written by Mel Kenne

New Publication

"Eve Asks" is a new publication written by Christine Redman-Waldeyer

Carriage House Anthology
Carriage House

Broadside Essay Series

Muse-Pie Press, founded in the early 80s by R.G. Rader, has been known for the publication of award-winning poetry and poets and has developed a reputation for being open to all styles and genres of the poetic voice, including haiku, experimental work, spoken word poetry and confessionalist, narrative, academic, philosophical, formalist, or other contemporary styles and genres. If it is good poetry, with technical proficiency and emotional appeal, Muse-Pie takes it seriously.

Featured Spoken Word

Performed live on March 12, 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand
during the "Kerouac Effect", Spoken Word poet Lonnard Dean Watkins is accompanied by musicians Steve Morrison, Greg Rogan and Brent Weavers.

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Featured Poet International

Laurice Gilbert lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband of thirty years, and the youngest of four daughters. She spent most of her adult years as an audiologist in New Zealand's public health service. She joined the New Zealand Poetry Society's governing committee in 2002 ...

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Featured Poet

Claudia Serea is a Romanian-born poet who immigrated to the U.S. in 1995. She is the author of Angels & Beasts and A Dirt Road Hangs from the Sky and co-edited and co-translated The Vanishing Point That Whistles, an Anthology of Contemporary Romanian Poetry. She also translated from the Romanian Adina Dabija's Beautybeast

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Shot Glass Journal

Shot Glass Journal

Muse-Pie Press announces the new online journal for short
poetry - Shot Glass Journal.

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the fib review

Have You Told a Fib Today?

Those readers of the fib feview who are familiar with Fibonacci poems will be excited about the poems published in the latest issue of the fib review.

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Bent Ear Review

Bent Ear Review

Muse-Pie Press announces the new online journal for Spoken Word Poetry - Bent Ear Review
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